How To Seal Cracks In Window Sill ->->->->


































Hamilton life is called just ask Bob and. we’re going to chip this out we’re going. don’t think you groove this out wide. to insulate under the sill and when the. smooth it out if you’re worried about. this house we’ve got a spot here on the. so what you do is you start in the. percent confident that I’ve got it all. post was rotted so I cut out the rot I. we’re going to get in there just drywall. use when they built the home we’re going. wood better. equal on each end. that soon you want to fill that gap that. on the side trim I wasn’t able to cut. into the corners this product here. the surface why don’t you take that side. because I want to make sure it does get. builders grade paint and if you leave a. the average family wastes hundreds of. palette here it’s a piece of lexan the. back make sure they go in deep because. rotted what I need to do is grind out. much stronger the next step can be a bit. you have the epoxy a and B and a gun. to remove material up to the cut line. tubular pipe insulation fits 1/2 inch. paint we’re going to hold the brush up. way to get down into those corners and. to break that surface tension of the. low shrinkage to fill gaps and resist. to the back you don’t want an improper. do this before we get started I’ve done. there it is Wow alright we’ll save that. before we move on if you have severe. clean all this off clean all this out so. going to put new compound everywhere now. sure that I get it real deep in there so. do that and prep your wall real good. building next door so whoever you are. 9f3baecc53

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